Nornix CMS

Nornix Documentation

This page contains links to different kinds of Nornix documentation.

Nornix project overview

On the project page there are overviews over the project design and files.

Nornix source code

The latest development version of the source code is always available from the Subversion repository of Nornix.

API Documentation

You can read the generated API documentation, links are found on the API page.

Database Documentation

Every Nornix CMS installation uses at least three different databases. The purpose of this arrangement is to maintain a proper separation and avoid duplication of data.

  1. The site DBs, with one DB for every site, contaning all data in connection with the corresponding site.
  2. The root DB, wich contains settings for all sites handled by the CMS, the error log and domain information.
  3. The system DB, wich contains parts of the CMS, not to hardcode those in the Php code.

The database schemes can be found on the API page.

User interface Documentation

This is found on the user interface page.