Nornix CMS

Nornix CMS

Nornix CMS is a lightweight, database-driven open source CMS (Content Management System) suitable for small to medium enterprises. It is built on web standards and best practices from the ground up. One installation can serve multiple sites. Multi-language admin interface support. Nornix CMS is released under the GPL license.

Source code documentation is available at the documentation page. We have also started to write a project overview. Other project information is found on the Nornix project summary page at SourceForge.


Nornix TreeMenu

treemenu example

Nornix TreeMenu is part of the Nornix CMS project, aimed at contributing to navigation and administration. This tree menu implements an Explorer-like user interface based on web standards and best practises. It uses CSS to style the menu and JavaScript to enhance the user experience.

The features of Nornix TreeMenu include fast rendering, cross browser compatibility, keyboard navigation, graceful degradation in older browsers and more. The package includes documentation and an example website.

The development is currently (in 2008) aimed at making the support for using the tree menu in web application contexts better. That is, manipulation of the tree (adding, removing and moving of nodes) as well as easy ways to hook your scripts into the menu.

Visit the Nornix TreeMenu demo site for the stable release or see the latest development version in action. The upcoming version 2.4 will have much better support for being used in application contexts. You can try things out with the development releases in version 2.3.x (where the API may not be stable).

A simple example of the tree menu used in a non-navigation context is the database documentation of the CMS.

Nornix Forms

A small JavaScript class that handles form validation and more in a modern and web standards based manner. Not released yet.


All texts in the Nornix CMS user interface are available in english and swedish.