Nornix TreeMenu

Nornix TreeMenu

Nornix TreeMenu is a free cross browser tree menu built with web standards, released under the LGPL license. The author is Anders Nawroth. The skins are made by other authors.


The new version 2.2 has improved in the keyboard navigation and now provides an easy way to hook in your own functions into the menu. There has also been some changes to the internal structure of the code. A new skin built from the Tango icon set is now included.

Version 2 includes extensive keyboard navigation and even faster execution than before. The configuration is grouped in a better way than previous versions. (Old users: please have a look at what has changed on the configuration and how-to pages)


Nornix TreeMenu uses fast and standards compliant HTML, CSS and JS code. The tree menu degrades gracefully in older browsers, where it will show up as nested bulleted lists. Please read the full list of features. Nornix TreeMenu strictly separates content, presentation and behaviour. Read more about this on the layers page. It is easy to apply different skins to the tree menu, take a look at the skins page!


The site is the main demo site for the tree menu. It uses the server-side flavour of the menu, see the flavours page for more information.

In the download package, there is an example of the client-side option included. It also includes an axample of loading page content with Ajax.

Please help us

We need help with two things right now:

  1. Check the menu in different browsers. Go to the compatibility page and report your browser now!
  2. We would like to add integration examples for different CMS solutions. Please contact us if you have integrated Nornix TreeMenu into a CMS (or whatever) and want to share your code.
Last modified: 2008-03-11