Nornix TreeMenu


How to use the tree menu

Mouse usage

  • click on plus node and minus node signs to toggle folders open/close
  • a non-linked or current folder page will toggle open/closed when the link is clicked
  • clicking the open folders icon and close folders icon icons will open or close all folders

Keyboard usage

  • enter the menu with the shortcut "M": Alt-M in Internet Explorer and older Firefoxes on Windows, Shift-Alt-M in Firefox 2 on Windows
  • leave the menu by pressing the ESC key
  • move up and down in the menu with the TAB key and Shift-TAB (you will also reach the open/close all icons this way – press the ENTER key to perform the action)
  • toggle folders with the SPACEBAR key
  • move up and down and open and close folders with the arrow keys – this behavior comes close to the well known one which is used in Windows Explorer (you will also reach the open/close all icons this way, using the right arrow starting from the home icon)
  • open and close all icons using an opening parenthesis "(" for opening and a closing parenthesis ")" for closing all folders.
Last modified: 2008-03-10