Nornix TreeMenu


  • good accessability and usability, compliant to HTML, CSS and JS/ECMAScript standards
  • lightweight and fast HTML, CSS and JS code (see end of page)
  • only few images needed
  • works in browsers without CSS and JS (see also the flavours page)
  • accomodates different font sizes
  • can be used with or without server scripting that adds classes to the tags in the menu
  • does not remove or alter any existing classes that are not used by the tree menu itself
  • functions to open/close all folders (inserted as linked icons in the menu)
  • intuitive keyboard navigation with arrow keys, tab, spacebar and ESC key (which jumps to the main content of the page).
  • supports using a keyboard shortcut to move focus to the menu
  • allows folders to be linked to web pages, or not (only toggle open/close)
  • supports multiple menu instances on the same page
  • provides hooks to add your own functionality for node clicks
  • provides extra navigation icons/functions (first, previous, next, last)

File size

When not using other Nornix JavaScript components, the best alternative is to use the nornix-treemenu.js, which combines the Nornix JavaScript base and the TreeMenu code in one shrinked file.

File size: 16 kB (16,308 bytes).

GZip file size: 4.8 kB (4,961 bytes).

Last modified: 2008-04-26